Window Cracks and How They’re Caused

Date: December 16, 2019
Source: wpadmin

When you manage a commercial property, keeping up with maintenance is crucial, especially if your building includes large panes of glass. Broken glass looks unsightly and causes a safety hazard. As soon as you realize your windows or other glass features are cracked, you should call in the professionals. There are different types of cracks and a plethora of reasons they may appear. Learn more below!


One obvious way glass can crack is from some type of impact. Perhaps a car passing by flipped up a rock from the road and it hit the glass. A neighboring golf course could produce some flying golf balls that hit your glass. Regardless, you’ll know an impact break when you see one because there’s generally a hole somewhere within a starburst pattern that extends from the point of impact.


Perhaps one of the least common types of break is a pressure crack. You may not realize it, but changes in the weather can cause these to happen. Have you heard the weatherman talking about a pressure system? Low pressure, high pressure? Those changes in weather are what could cause a pressure crack. They also occur at extremely high or low elevation levels. A pressure crack is typically a curvy line that crosses from one side of the window to the next.


A stress crack also occurs after a change in weather, though it is primarily due to extreme changes in the temperature itself. If it’s extremely cold outside and you enter the office after a long weekend, only to crank up the heater, those two opposing temperatures on either side of the window could cause it to break.

Repairing Your Broken Glass

Whether your commercial building has an impact crack, pressure crack or stress crack, it’s important you get it repaired. You may need a full window replacement, or you could do with a simple repair. Contact the professionals at S. Albert Glass by calling 301-517-7442 or emailing us today to schedule your repair.

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