Our Process

When possible, we’ll repair the window or door glass right then and there. If not, we’ll see that it’s boarded securely and properly. Our workers do emergency board ups the right way – compressing two sheets of wood to secure the opening from the inside and outside, and not drilling into the frame. Our emergency glass servicemen are all experienced glaziers, not just “board-up guys,” they are fully-equipped and have everything they need to get the job done right.

  • Typically, the type of window we can repair on the spot are of the single-pane variety. A thermal-pane (double-pane or insulated) window with both panes broken has to be ordered from our manufacturer, therefore can usually only be boarded up.
  • Door glass can usually be repaired on the spot.
  • Plate glass window repair is at the discretion of our response team as a large window repair can take two (sometimes three or four) workers to handle safely.

Safety is our priority.

Services for any emergency you may have.

  • 24 Hour Emergency Service
  • Broken Glass Board Up Service
  • Emergency Glass Replacements
  • Broken Glass Clean Up
  • Glass Replacement (not available in all cases)
  • Same Night Laminate Door Glass Replacements (not available in all cases)
  • Next day Estimates/Installation (not all products are available next day)
  • NEW! Security Film: in certain situations we can install Clear Security Blast Film to secure the location instead of a large board.
    • It can be applied in a few seconds without the need for tools.
    • Very safe, no risk from broken glass
    • No harm to visual appearance of the building; no loss of daylight
    • Has one third of the tensile strength of steel for special safety
    • Silent, no noisy sawing and hammering, e.g. when boarding up a broken window
    • No glass cutting on site required e.g. in case of emergency glazing with float glass
    • Almost invisible – does not invite thieves
    • Completely resistant to external weather conditions
    • Ideal for use with PVC frames and double glazing

Emergency Services Pricing

24 Hour Emergency Board Up Service for Broken Glass

This service is charged at different rates then the Daily, Off Hours, Sunday Hours, & Holiday Hours

1st Board
Each Additional Board
IF Broken Glass is 1/4” Clear Laminated or Tempered Safety Glass we can repair same day with Laminated Glass

This service is charged at different rates then the Daily, Off Hours, Sunday Hours, & Holiday Hours

Please Note: in most cases for individual stores this will not be available as a vast majority of the Store Front Glass is 1/2? or 3/4? Tempered Glass

Normal Hours
Off Hours/Weekends


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