Broken Glass


Our S. Albert Glass Specialist will measure the size and thickness of the glass panel, help you identify the manufacturer. The window specialist will estimate the price of new glass and also tell you the cost to install it in the old frame.

Single Pane
*Same Day Service Possible: Clear, Bronze, Gray Glass Only

Laminated/Tempered Safety Glass (Single Pane)
*Same Day Service Possible: Clear, Bronze, Gray Glass Only

IGU’s (Double Pane): Broken Glass & Fogged Windows
*Minimum 7-10 Business Day lead time
*If Glass Specification Color is VIRACON® expect lead times to be at least 6 weeks



Bullet Resistant

*Replacement methods vary slightly depending on how the window is constructed.

Fogged Window Repair

S. Albert Glass Fogged Window Repair

What to know about Fogged Windows.
  • Insulated Glass Unit’s (IGUs) that have become FOGGY is the result of a failed seal between the two panes of glass
  • When the seal fails, moisture seeps in between the two panes of glass, and over time, etching on the glass occurs from minerals in the moisture
  • There is no way to clean the insides of the glass, or to repair the seal once it has failed.
  • S. Albert Glass can replace the Glass Portion of the existing window. The whole window DOES NOT have to be replaced! The window frame and sash is left in place and only the glass part of the window is replaced.
  • In most cases, replacing an IGU is much more cost effective than buying a whole new window.
  • The life span of the seal between two panes of glass varies depending on quality of manufacturing/use/environmental conditions.
  • Fogged IGU it is not an Emergency Situation