When Bad Things Happen to Good Glass

Date: August 19, 2019
Source: wpadmin

Life is full of unexpected moments and that’s part of what makes it so interesting. How you deal with the challenging moments will be part of your legacy, as a person and as a business owner. So when a tree limb falls through your beautiful glass storefront, it’s your grace under pressure that really matters. In this case, it’s knowing who to call to make sure the situation is safe and installing a new glass storefront.

As with everything, when the situation is handled properly there is always a silver lining. This time you get a fresh new storefront with better glass, a better look, and maybe even a stronger window.

The Four Most Common Glass Mishaps

While glass has the appearance of fragility, it’s actually quite tough and rarely fails. Occasionally, though, things happen, such as these common scenarios:

  1. Falling Trees – If your business is in a leafy neighborhood, lucky you. However, tree limbs fall now and then and sometimes they fall in bad spots, such as through your front window.
  2. High Winds – Most glass will hold up to heavy winds, but occasionally the wind is strong enough or comes at the right direction to break glass. This is more likely if the glass is old or unsuitable for the environment.
  3. Vandalism – People do crazy things, like throw things through glass windows for fun, or maybe to steal things. It can be perplexing to a hard-working business owner, but it happens.
  4. Accidents – It happens a lot in movies, rarely in life, but occasionally some poor soul drives through a storefront. The reasons for this are many, but the situation is that you will need to replace your windows.

With broken glass comes opportunity. You can change the look of your storefront, add some attractive features and improve the strength and energy efficiency of your glass. To learn about your options contact S. Albert Glass by calling 301-517-7442 or sending an email today!

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