Use a Glass Storefront To Increase Profits

Date: July 24, 2019
Source: wpadmin

There’s a reason so many supermarkets, cafés, and clothing stores use glass storefronts; it works. Glass gives potential customers the ability to peek inside without actually entering the building, making a company’s offerings more difficult to resist. Here is some additional detail on why glass front stores may bring higher profits.


Better Opportunities for Branding

Think about your favorite chain restaurant or supermarket. Even if you didn’t see the sign over the door before walking in, you would probably know where you are. The layout is familiar. This is also true of gyms, cafes, and fast-food restaurants. When a company uses interior décor to attract clientele, brand colors, design, and layout create an image for passersby to see and recognize.

Puts the Goods on Display

Imagine walking down the street and smelling freshly brewed coffee and blueberry muffins. It smells delicious and you immediately begin to look for the source. You notice two cafés. One has a glass front which shows a server carrying blueberry muffins and a steaming hot cup of coffee and the other is just a beautiful brick wall with Best Café Ever over the door. Which one do you enter? Chances are that you would choose the glass front café. It is much harder to resist temptation when it’s right before your eyes.

Provides Natural Lighting

Natural light and open spaces put people in a better mood. When people feel welcome, they stay longer. When they stay longer, there is more time for them to pick up more goods than they otherwise would have. Glass storefronts allow a lot of light to filter into a building, and if the space is small, it helps it to feel less cramped.


Would you like to enjoy these and other benefits by using more glass in the décor of your store? Contact S. Albert Glass Co., Inc. by calling 301-517-7442 or sending an email to get started today.

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