Top Mistakes That Damage Your Commercial Door

Date: February 11, 2020
Source: wpadmin

Your business’s entrance provides the first impression to customers. This is also your first line of defense against criminals who seek to vandalize your business or to steal from it. If you have a damaged door, you can sacrifice your reputation and safety. To care for your door, avoid these top commercial door mistakes.

Neglect Your Weather Stripping

Weatherstripping protects the door from weather and moisture. If your seal becomes loose or cracked, then you could wind up with damaged outdoor doors. If you have a broken seal, you may also notice your heat and cooling bills skyrocketing. The weatherstripping provides the door with the ability to close tightly.

Leave Misaligned Doors

Never let misaligned doors go unfixed. If your doors are off-center, then they will no doubt become damaged over time. These doors may chip as they stick the door frame. Regular maintenance can help ensure that your doors are hanging properly.

Have a Narrow Entrance

Narrow entrances make it difficult for doors to swing open and closed. When you have a glass door, this can cause chipping and cracking when the door bounces off the outer wall. You can avoid this by installing door bumpers. You can also install pneumatic door closures to force the door to close slowly.

Leave Foreign Objects in Front of the Door

While planters and decorative pots may create a welcome and inviting shopfront, you need to be careful. When you put outdoor décor near an entrance, you have to make sure that it is clear of the door. If the door swings into the décor, it could damage the door or create a mess. Test the door before you put anything near it that it might hit.

Caring for your commercial door is the best way to prolong their longevity and avoid cracks or breaks. For assistance with your commercial door’s glass, contact S. Albert Glass by calling 248-671-4229 or sending us an email today!

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