Preparing Your Windows for Winter

Date: October 27, 2021
Source: wpadmin

Window Prep

Old windows that let in a draft or leak aren’t as big of a problem during the summer season. However, as the seasons change to fall and winter, you will find that ineffective window seals and misaligned window frames will hinder the ability to properly heat commercial properties and keep out unwanted moisture. Winter brings bitter cold weather, snow, and ice, making poorly installed windows a serious frustration. At S. Albert Glass, we understand the need to have properly installed windows as winter approaches. Here are a few tips to prep windows for the colder months ahead.

Seal Gaps

The window seal is the location where the window meets the window frame or the side of a property. Over time, the structure settles, potentially creating gaps between the window and surrounding walls or frame. Even the smallest gap can cause a noticeable gap. If a slight breeze is felt when running a hand along with the trim where it meets the frame, it’s time to seal the gap. Usually, a bead of weather-resistant caulking can stop the draft. Make sure to look at both the interior and the exterior seals and treat both areas at the same time.

Secure Loose Panes

Unwanted drafts from loose window panes in the commercial building is frustrating, especially for those using the space.  Points of weakness can let in unwanted air and push out the heated air from inside. Glass should fit snug against the window frame to avoid any heat seepage. For cross-hatched windows that have multiple panes of glass, there are more spots to check for leaks. Small gaps that don’t affect other frames might be able to be repaired, but for major problems, a full replacement may be needed.

For windows that keep cold air out and warm air in during the winter months, call for a professional inspection from experienced technicians. With over 40 years of experience, S. Albert Glass provides quality service to the DC Metro area. Call 301-715-7442 or email us for a service request today.

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