5 Factors to Consider Before Hiring an Emergency Glass Repair Company

Date: April 26, 2019
Source: wpadmin

When it comes to tough and reliable materials, glass is unlikely to top the list. Even so, many homes and businesses use glass for windows and on doors. Inevitably, glasses crack or break under pressure, prompting the need for emergency repairs. But, how do you pick the right emergency glass repair company?

1. Company Experience

As previously mentioned, glass is fragile. If not properly installed or treated, it may be even more so. This makes it especially important that you choose an emergency glass repair company bringing several years of experience to the table.

2. Durability of Products

Does the company list the brands or products they use on their website? Do a quick search to see how well the products hold up to common household incidents, such as a stray ball or an excited dog skidding around a corner and crashing into the screen door.

3. Design and Style

There are many glass repair companies in Washington DC, so you have every right to be choosy. When selecting a company, check their portfolio to see if their design and style matches up to the décor of your home or business.

4. Contractual Agreement

Always read the contract thoroughly. Once you sign your name, you are bound to agree by the terms, so ensure they are terms you can live with. Here are a few specifics to consider:

• What is the cost?
• How long will it take?
• What about warranties?
• Is there a fair process in place to resolve disputes if you have a complaint?

5. Code of Conduct

What is the company’s reputation among its customers? Is there a history of fair play and transparency? Check the company’s case studies and testimonials. While you will almost always find at least one disgruntled customer, check to see if the company responded, how the case was handled and if there was a speedy resolution.

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