Hacks for Cleaning Up Broken Glass

Date: October 16, 2019
Source: wpadmin

Virtually every adult has had to clean up glass at some point. It is a dangerous task and few people enjoy doing it. Even worse, glass pieces can stick around for a long time afterward, causing injury. At a place of business, the risks of failing to clean up the glass properly are even higher. It may create unsafe spaces for customers and employees, which may lead to lawsuits or missed days of work. Here are some tips to clean up this mess without creating more hazards.

The Gear

Do not use your bare hands to pick up the glass. It is best to sweep the pieces into a dustpan, however, despite the term “sweep,” do not use a broom or mop. Both of these can allow pieces of glass to get stuck in the fibers, which can spread pieces of glass elsewhere the next time you use these items.

The Cleanup

So, what can you use? If you absolutely must pick up the pieces by hand, consider putting on thick gloves first. This may offer a little protection. If you do not have thick gloves, get creative. Bread can be used to help pick up glass shards, as well as a russet potato if you are willing to sacrifice the fleshy insides. Just cut the potato in half and wipe down the floors with it.

Extra Precautions

At this point, the floors should look completely glass-free. However, you may use additional measures to ensure you didn’t miss anything, especially if the floor is carpeted. Vacuuming is the best way to pick up any pieces that may have gotten stuck in the carpet fibers. Duct tape may also help if you believe the vacuum may not be strong enough to clear everything away.

After you have cleaned up all the shards of glass, you can address what has been broken. Is there a broken window or door at your place of business? We can fix that. We also provide new glass or glass replacements for mirrors, tabletops, and shower enclosures. Got an emergency? We can handle that too. Contact S. Albert Glass by calling 301-517-7442 or sending an email today!

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