Different Types of Glass for Shower Doors

Date: March 3, 2023
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Your shower should match the home aesthetics. Glass showers have been getting more popular, with the value expected to go up to 4.5 million dollars by 2026.

If you want a glass shower, now’s a good time, as it helps increase home value. Choosing the correct type of glass for a shower enclosure means deciding between several elements. Whether you want privacy, style, or functionality, you must know the different types of glass for shower doors.

This article discusses the difference between these types to help you find the best fit.

Clear Glass

Clear glass is the regular transparent glass that homeowners often install. Because this type of glass has no noticeable color other than the slight greenish tint, it works well with almost all interior styles and aesthetics.

Clear shower doors are perfect for showers with more intricate designs, as you can see right through them and show off your decorative tiles.

Clear glass is also an excellent choice for smaller bathrooms because the transparent glass makes the area look more spacious. It also brings more light into the room and provides a lot of sunshine. Clear glass shower doors are the safest option and the most popular choice of designers.

Low-Iron Glass

Low-iron glass doors are also clear and transparent, but unlike the previous type, low-iron glass does not have the greenish tint you usually see.

You get every advantage of the clear glass shower door with extra clarity, which means even more light and will display the true colors of your shower tiles. This shower door type uses a lower iron mixture to make the glass to ensure no green tint.

One drawback of this type of glass is that it will be more of a task to repair or clean it, as any marks or stains will be much more visible. Additionally, like with the clear glass option, you won’t get any privacy.

Frosted Glass

For more privacy and natural light through your shower doors, frosted glass is the best option. Frosted glass is opaque and gives off a translucent appearance. You achieve this through acid-etching, sandblasting, or coating on one side of the glass.

A frosted glass shower door is ideal for those living with others. You can still use the bathroom when someone is in the shower and cannot see through.

Rain Glass

Rain glass is an excellent option to achieve style and privacy in your bathroom.

A rain glass shower door has water droplet designs carved into the glass to give the appearance of raindrops. Because of its distinct aesthetic, you will often see this type of shower door in more contemporary and modern homes.

The rain glass is a mix of both clear glass and frosted glass. Due to the texture of the glass, you can have your privacy while still having plenty of light shine through.

This type of shower door is more suited for larger bathrooms to avoid making the space seem smaller.

Know Your Types of Glass For Shower Doors

When choosing different glass types for your shower door, you can let your creativity shine through while still implementing functionality. We hope that after reading this article, you can better decide which of the types of glass for shower doors is the best fit for you.

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