Costs and Benefits of Installing New Commercial Windows

Date: December 12, 2018
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You may look around your commercial building to realize the windows have seen better days. Over the years, both the window glass and frames take on wear and become less effective. You may realize less sunlight comes into a room than you remember. There are many factors to consider when installing new commercial windows, but ultimately, you simply need to look at the overall cost as well as the benefits.

Replacement Costs of New Commercial Windows

There are several different factors that go into the final cost of a window replacement. There are the windows themselves, which consist of two panes of glass. If you want to install tinted windows around your property, then you can expect to pay more.

You also need to consider the frames. Your old frames may have cracked and chipped over the years, and if you want to get new glass, then you are better off getting new frames, too. Finally, there is the cost of the installation itself. The contractors you hire will provide you with an estimate before starting. It is important to avoid hiring a service that charges excessively less than the others. This could indicate the company has a substandard installation process.

Replacement Benefits of New Commercial Windows

The benefits of replacing your old, worn out windows are numerous. For starters, you can rest easy knowing your new commercial windows will last for years without incident. Today’s windows and frames are designed to be much more durable than what you would get in the past. You can also benefit from energy savings and replacement windows are a great way to make any property more green. Make sure to ask your contractor about the U-value associated with the windows you want to install.

One non-monetary benefit is that less sound is transmitted. Noises from outside from cars screeching to music playing can disturb people trying to work inside your building. Find a commercial replacement window that has a high sound transmission class number or STC.

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