Can Glass Improve the Energy Efficiency of Your Office?

Date: September 29, 2020
Source: wpadmin

Improve Energy Efficiency

Most property managers think that all glass contributes to heat gain in the summer and heat loss during the winter. This can become a high price to pay for beautiful skylights and glass storefronts. However, there are ways to enjoy the beauty while improving the energy-efficiency of your office. Let us show you.


If you have not yet built your property, think twice about where you place your windows. Architects recommend placing windows to the north and east to conserve on energy, as opposed to the east and west. Note that the more strategically placed windows you add to your office, the less you have to spend on lighting throughout the day.


Whether you are renovating or installing your first set of windows, the type of glazing on the glass can make all the difference. Single-glazing is standard and wastes energy. Instead, consider double-glazed or triple-glazed glass. Both of these provide additional layers of glass with air pockets in-between, that reduce transmission of heat and cold, thereby offering better insulation.


If you have to replace a lot of glass in your building, the cost of purchasing double-glazed and triple-glazed glass can add up. Consider tinted glass to reduce how much heat comes into the office. This may also help protect furniture, carpeting, and paintings from the effects of UV rays. Tinted glass can also provide privacy. Consider tinting the windows that directly face the windows or neighboring businesses or ones that look out to the street.

Glass is one of the most beautiful building materials. It can make any building look modern and sophisticated. Installing glass can also open up any of the smaller spaces in your building, making them appear roomier. By choosing the right placement, type of glass, and glass treatments, you can enjoy these perks and more with less impact on your energy bill. Contact the experts at S. Albert Glass today by calling 301-517-7442 or sending us an email to learn more!

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