Broken Glass at the Office? Here is What You Need to Do

Date: May 15, 2020
Source: wpadmin

Broken glass can leave your business susceptible to theft and weather issues. Perhaps, those are the issues that caused the broken glass in the first place. In any case, it’s important you get the mess cleaned up and taken care of right away. If you arrive at your office to find broken glass, follow these important steps.

Call the Police

If you only have limited vision from where you stand, it’s possible someone broke in and is still inside your building. This could pose serious danger for you and your employees. Stay outside and call the authorities to check out the scene and make sure it is safe. If you entered the building before noticing the broken glass, try not to disturb anything, as it could be evidence of theft, and the responding officers may want to take a look.

Note the Damage

Take note of all the damage your building sustained. Aside from the broken glass, is anything missing? What other items are damaged? Taking pictures could also help you deal with the insurance company.

Contact a Professional Cleanup Service

Glass isn’t something you’ll want to clean up on your own. Whether the glass is from a door or maybe a window, it’s important you hire the professionals to take care of it. At S. Albert Glass we offer 24-hour emergency services to provide you with a solution fast, so you can move forward and limit the disruption of business.

When possible, we will repair the window or door glass on the spot. If it is not something we can repair immediately, we will safely and securely board up the area. We will be sure to correctly follow the board up process so as not to cause further damage to the door or window frame. As professionals, we have the tools and training necessary to clean up the area and remove the shards of glass safely.

Getting Started

Emergency glass services can be a lifesaver when you’ve been the victim of a crime or an unpleasant accident. If you find yourself in this situation, you may have a lot of things to worry about, don’t let glass cleanup and repair be one of them. Let the professionals at S. Albert Glass help you. Call 301-517-7442 or email us today to learn more!

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