4 Signs Your Door Needs Tempered Glass Repair

Date: January 6, 2023
Source: wpadmin

Tempered glass offers several benefits for doors in all kinds of commercial buildings, from manufacturing complexes to the DMV.

It is safe—it doesn’t shatter if it breaks. It’s better insulated than regular glass, keeping the warmth or cold in (or out, depending on the season). And it is relatively vandal-proof.

Of course, if you have tempered glass doors in your commercial building, you must invest in specialized tempered glass repair when they break. Read on to find out when it’s time to add this to your property management budget.

1. Outdated Design

You installed your commercial doors a long time ago. Now, you are renovating or repurposing the building and need something more aesthetically up-to-date.

If you are replacing the doors, it stands to reason you will need to replace the tempered glass, too. Likewise, if you are giving your existing doors a facelift, do not leave the old glass in there and risk breakage down the line due to age-related wear.

2. Chips and Scratches

The way tempered glass works is the outside surface of the glass is put under pressure. This means the glass pane is continuously under stress.

If the glass suffers a deep chip or scratch, the stress is concentrated in that area. One particularly heavy slam of the door and the glass may shatter.

That is why auto-makers advise replacing a windshield when it gets even a tiny chip.

3. Cracks

This one might seem obvious, but cracks of any size indicate a need for glass repairs. They suggest that the glass is deteriorating or past its use-by date.

Even a tiny crack can increase with continued use of the door. This can lead to pieces of glass falling out of the frame. In a commercial building, that is more than a safety issue. If the broken shards cut a tenant or worker, it is a potential lawsuit waiting to happen.

4. Discoloration or Fog

Are you noticing fog or dew in your door or door window? This means moisture might be trapped in the panes. The only way to remove it is to replace the glass.

Likewise, some tempered glass gets distorted over time or develops a white haze. This haze, called ghosting, happens at the manufacturing stage and is caused by everything from debris getting into the machinery to mechanical errors.

If the faults bother you, repairing your glass is the only solution.

Know When Tempered Glass Repair Is Essential

Are you wondering if tempered glass repair is worth the investment? Considering commercial doors are used all the time or create a safety barrier (for example, stairwell doors), a restoration is typically the best option—especially if you see scratches, discoloration, or cracks.

Of course, if you are still unsure, S. Albert Glass Company is here to help! We have been serving commercial enterprises in the Washing DC area since 1968 and have the expertise to review your tempered glass door and tell you whether it needs repair or replacement.

Place your service request today!

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