3 Reasons to Install Revolving Doors to Your Building

Date: December 21, 2022
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Since their invention in 1888, revolving doors have been a staple entrance in commercial buildings. These doors have helped alleviate numerous problems connected with conventional doors. However, many business owners today do not know the benefits that come with installing these revolving doors.  

In this blog, we will go over three reasons why you should be using revolving doors in your commercial building. 

What are Revolving Doors? 

 People all across the world see revolving doors in their everyday lives, but do they know how they work?  

A revolving door is an entrance and exit to a building that typically consists of three or four glass doors that hang on a central shaft. These doors will rotate around a vertical axis by the help of a speed control system within a cylinder enclosure. This is why it is called a “revolving” door.  

3 Reasons You Need To Install A Revolving Door 

These rotating doors have a safe and efficient design that allow people to come in and out with no problem. Here are three reasons on why your commercial building should have a revolving door: 


Any commercial property manager has concerns about the amount of maintenance their property needs. No property manager wants a feature in their building that always needs constant care or work done.  

With revolving doors being made of durable glass panels and sturdy materials, they rarely need maintenance. If these glass panels do happen to obtain a crack or need to be replaced, a contractor can come and repair these panels, but they do not need regular maintenance. These doors are not forcefully opened or closed, so usual repair costs for hinged doors will not have to be spent.  

The glass panels on these rotating doors make it easy to clean. There will be little to no fingerprints because these panels are not being touched daily.  


Everybody wants to save money when it comes to their property and business. This is where revolving doors come in to help.  

When these doors are rotating, they maintain an airlock seal between the inside and outside of your commercial property. This seal will then decrease the amount of cooling and heating that usually escapes with the use of a regular door. When replacing a normal door with a revolving door, the amount of air exchanged when people are coming in and out of the building is limited.  

A study run by MIT found that using revolving doors in one commercial building could save 74% of the building’s current annual energy consumption. This is a significant decrease in costs that can happen with the installation of a revolving door at your property.  

A revolving door provides an effective way of getting inside and outside of the building, but it does not allow pressures and environments to equalize.    

Traffic Control 

Having a door that only allows one person to enter or exit can be an inconvenience to busy commercial buildings. These buildings rely on a doorway that allows numerous people to go in and out at once. A revolving door is the best solution to this problem. 

The installation of a revolving door gives the commercial property a larger entry and exit passageway. Based on an average sized revolving door, four to five people can enter and exit a building at the same time. The continuous flow of people coming in and out using these doors does not cause a backup like a normal door would.  

Revolving doors allow people to enter and exit a commercial building easily and effectively. 

Install Revolving Doors in Your Commercial Property 

For more reasons to use a revolving door in your commercial property, contact the team at S. Albert Glass Co. They’ve been the go-to revolving door repair company in the Washington, DC, area for over four decades. 

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