3 Questions for a Commercial Glass Specialist

Date: May 20, 2019
Source: wpadmin


When you have a commercial glass project in the works, you don’t want to trust it to just anybody. Glass can be gorgeous when done correctly, and can help you see things in a way you wouldn’t have seen them before. When hiring a commercial glass specialist, there are three questions you should ask.

1. Are You Licensed? 

Proper training is essential in getting the job done right. If a company isn’t licensed, that generally means their professionals aren’t exactly professionals. They may not have completed the proper training necessary to install or repair glass.


If you find a specialist who is licensed, you can rest easy and know they have undergone the training required to complete your job correctly.


2. Do You Carry Insurance?

You don’t want to accept liability for something you didn’t do. This goes for every situation in life, including glass installation. No matter how careful and experienced a professional is, there are accidents that happen. If your specialist isn’t insured, you could end up paying the price for injuries and property damage.


A specialist with proper insurance coverage not only shows you they want protection for themselves, but shows you they are concerned with protecting you as well. They don’t want you to have to pay for a mistake their installers made, so they carry proper insurance.


3. What Is Your Experience Like? 

Lots of experience isn’t always required if you find a commercial glass specialist with incredible talent, but it’s definitely preferred in most cases. Find out if the specialist you’re working with has experience in the type of glass project you need to have done. For example, if you are considering a glass wall, they should have experience with large glass installation, preferably a wall like yours.


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