3 Important Reasons to Repair Commercial Windows Immediately

Date: December 22, 2021
Source: wpadmin

From wind-blown debris to hailstones to malicious vandalism, there are many causes of breakage of a large, double-paned piece of commercial window glass. While there are many possible reasons that led to a break, there is one invariable truth: it is always inconvenient. No property owner or executive has the time to stop taking care of business to tend to shattered glass. As a result, you may feel inclined to put off the repair. However, there are important reasons to avoid procrastination with this particular task.

Clients Notice Broken Glass Immediately

Chances are you have heard the sentiment that your business’s outward appearance is representative of your business as a whole. In the same way, your eyes are drawn to an obvious flaw in a businessperson’s appearance, your customers are sure to pick up on something like broken glass right away. When customers realize you have not fixed an eyesore over a prolonged period, the negative message is even starker.

The Weather Needs to Stay Out

The law of thermodynamics dictates that warmer air gravitates toward cooler air. Or, as your employees and customers might say, “There is a draft in here!” Those drafts equate to expensive power bills and irritate people quicker than you might think. If left unrepaired, a broken window can increase your heating or cooling bill by 20%.

Comprised Glass Means an Unsecure Facility

Whether it is insects taking advantage of a broken pane or two-legged varmints destroying a window that was already fractured, a damaged window is an invitation to unwanted pests to enter your facility and cause mayhem. Window glass is an excellent buffer against all kinds of external threats, so long as it remains intact.

A professional glazer makes quick work of compromised window glass, minimizing disruptions and debris. For help with broken windows, contact S. Albert Glass at (301) 931-7800.

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