Why You Need Board Up Services for Your Commercial Property

Date: June 17, 2022
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Did you know that natural disasters caused $57 billion in property damage in 2021 alone? With costs like that, you should always take the proper steps to secure your commercial property. Commercial properties contain valuable products, tools, and equipment, and damage to them can affect your livelihood.

One of the best ways to prevent damage is to board up windows. Read on to learn more about board up services and how they might be right for you.

Why Are Windows a Risk for Damage?

While windows provide benefits, such as natural lighting, they are a risk during a natural disaster or bad weather. Their physical makeup and brittle nature make them more susceptible to damage by projectiles, such as branches and other debris.

Even when a window isn’t shattered, the frame can be damaged, and water can seep through.

What Types of Risks Are There?

Natural disasters pose the greatest threat to windows. If your business is located near an ocean, hurricanes are the greatest threat with their sustained winds and large amounts of rain. Tornados can also pose a danger to windows due to their high winds.

While these are the most prevalent threats to windows, there are other instances where boarding up could prevent damage. Any climate pattern that involves high winds has the potential to cause damage. Changes in weather patterns due to climate change make these events more likely.

Why You Should Consider Board Up Services

In cases of extreme weather, you should consider boarding up your windows. Many people do this on their own, buying plywood or other boarding and nailing it to the frame.

While this method is cheaper, you should consider having a professional board up service do it for you. These services can do the work without risking damage to the window frame.

Some companies offer emergency board up services that use protective film rather than boarding, which has several advantages, including:

  • Quick application
  • Doesn’t harm the appearance of a property or reduce natural light
  • Silent application
  • Resistant to extreme weather conditions
  • Doesn’t make the property as appealing to potential looters or thieves

What Other Services Do These Companies Offer?

No matter how well boarded a window is, damage may occur. In addition to board up services, these companies offer other services, such as emergency and commercial window repair, should any damage be incurred. Since damage can happen at any time, many of these companies offer 24/7 availability.

The response and repair time can vary with the type of window. Single pane glass is usually replaced on the spot, while double pane and plate glass replacements require an order from a manufacturer. Many have a warranty or other protective plan.

Are You Ready to Use a Board Up Service?

Now that you know about board up services, what are you waiting for? While you never know when you will need one, if your business is in an area prone to natural disasters, you need to be prepared. Traditional boarding may not be your only option, and you should review what other services our company offers.

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