Sandblasted Glass vs. Frosted Glass: What’s the Difference?

Date: May 18, 2023
Source: wpadmin

The global glass manufacturing market reached a size of $106.44 billion in 2021.

Almost all commercial buildings have windows and it’s easy to think that all glass is pretty much the same, but that’s not the case. There are various types of glass available for commercial buildings, so when making a decision, it’s important to know about the different options available.

In this guide, we’ll compare sandblasted glass vs frosted glass so you can decide which one would be more suitable for your building. Keep reading for more.

What Is Frosted Glass?

The purpose of frosted glass is to provide privacy as it’s not as transparent as other types of glass. It’s often used for bathroom windows and shower doors, but is also ideal for various commercial applications.

In business environments, they can add privacy to offices and meeting rooms, while still letting in natural light. On top of the privacy factor, many people simply like the look of frosted glass.

If you choose this, there are a range of customization options you can take advantage of. You can add your company logo, or various patterns to enhance the appearance.

What Is Sandblasted Glass?

Sandblasting involves propelling granulated material (usually sand, but other materials are sometimes used) at a sheet of glass. This will eliminate the clear sheen and give it a more cloudy appearance. The effect can vary depending on different parameters during the sandblasting process.

This type of commercial glass can serve similar purposes to frosted glass, mainly allowing for additional privacy. Some areas can be deliberately left transparent, or the entirety of the glass can be sandblasted, allowing for patterns with a high degree of accuracy. It’s a common choice for companies that want to improve the aesthetic of their business with storefront windows or doors.

Sandblasted Glass vs Frosted Glass

It’s not uncommon for people to mix these two up. This is because sandblasting is a specific technique, whereas frosted glass is a general term for a type of glass. As such, sandblasted glass is often referred to as frosted glass – but frosted glass isn’t always sandblasted glass.

Frosted glass can be made using other processes such as vinyl frosting. This involves placing a viny sticker on the glass to make it look like it’s frosted. Acid etching is another option that uses acid to create the frosted effect.

It’s worth noting that sandblasting can weaken glass as it etches the surface. Because of this, strong glass should be used, so you should only get sandblasted glass windows from reputable companies.

The Best Glass for Your Commercial Building

If you’re looking for the best type of glass for your building, it will primarily come down to personal choice. When comparing sandblasted glass vs frosted glass, you can see that the end result isn’t hugely different. The most important thing is to get your glass from a company you can trust so that you know it’s high quality.

S. Albert Glass Company has been providing commercial glass to businesses in the Washington, DC area for more than 40 years. We can discuss your needs with you to help you determine which type of glass would be best for your commercial building. Take a look at our Contract Glazing page today to see more about the glass we offer.

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