Making your Office Classy with Commercial Glass Curtain Wall Systems

Date: July 20, 2022
Source: wpadmin

Classy office interior design is integral to business success.

A well-thought-out office layout improves employee productivity, boosts worker wellbeing, and may even help you retain staff. Visiting clients get an excellent first impression when your office looks neat, clean, and professional.

One way to create sleek, spacious interiors is by partitioning meeting rooms and other workspaces off from one another using commercial glass curtain wall systems. These transparent wall structures flood rooms with light while offering privacy as needed.

Read on to find out why glass curtains help you create an office interior guaranteed to impress.

They’re Highly Customizable

Glass curtain wall systems aren’t weight-bearing. So they can be positioned almost anywhere in an interior and in any configuration.

Use them:

  • In an open-office setting to create pockets for quiet working
  • To define the top of a stairwell or entryway
  • To section off a reception area from the rest of the office

They Work in Small or Large Spaces

Walls tend to constrict small spaces even further. However, a transparent or partially-transparent glass partition lets you see through to other parts of a room, making an area appear larger.

Conversely, glass curtains can be used to partition large spaces into smaller work areas without compromising the flow of light.

They Improve Energy Efficiency

Incredibly, commercial curtains can help companies slash their energy costs.

With no hard walls, light is easily dispersed throughout a space, meaning you need to install fewer light fixtures. Glass curtains also insulate, helping to stabilize the temperature inside a room or even the entire floor.

As a bonus, glass filters UV rays, rendering them harmless—reducing fading of furniture and preserving human health.

They’re Durable and Safe

Most glass curtain options are surprisingly tough.

They’re made of thick, tempered glass. Tempered—also called safety—glass shatters rather than breaks. This reduces the chance of injury because there are no sharp edges or large pieces. In addition, the profiles (if the curtains aren’t frameless) are typically crafted from corrosion-resistant, lightweight aluminum.

Don’t forget, too, to check with your contractor whether or not they offer multi-year product and installation guarantees.

They Help Control Noise

Imagine you have a busy office with lots of meetings. Glass curtain systems offer privacy without restricting views throughout the building.

High wall systems reach floor to ceiling. They block noise from talking or presentations between one room and another.

Consider Commercial Glass Curtain Wall Systems for Your Interior

Commercial glass curtain wall systems are iconic in office interior design for many reasons. They’re flexible enough to fit into any layout, they help control noise, they last a long time, and they might even save you money on your electricity bill. Plus, they’re undeniably better looking than traditional walls.

If you’re considering curtain options for your Washington, DC, corporate office, reach out to the team at S. Albert Glass Co. today. With over 40 years of industry experience, we’ll craft an interior that sets you up for success.

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