Glass and Metals 201: A Guide to Glazing Specifications

Date: January 25, 2019
Source: wpadmin

Natural light helps improve mood, productivity, health, and comfort. The trouble with natural lighting indoors, of course, is that windows are not always optimally insulated. While there have been many advances intended to increase energy efficiency, glazing has become a go-to. With the variety of glazing available for windows, it’s important to understand the specifications of each type and how to correctly use it.

Glazing Specifications

The specifications of a particular type of glaze fall into several relevant categories:

•Glass Visible Transmittance: this value specifies which kind of sunlight can penetrate the glass. Glass with a high TVIS-GLASS value allows more UV and IR light to pass through the window.

U-Value: This number reveals how well the glass insulates. If the U-factor is high, the window is not very efficient, while a lower U-Value denotes that heat does not pass through the glass easily.

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient: this value indicates how much of the light that hits the window turns into heat. A 0 in this place means no matter how much sunlight hits the window, it will not cause an increase in temperature on the other side of the glass.

Uses of Types of Glass

The specifications on glazed glass reveal where a particular window would be most useful. Some specs work well in the shade, while others are optimized to collect heat. Glazes come in a variety of densities and can be layered for increased specs, each with its own cost variant. In order to ensure glass is the correct specifications, it is necessary to verify that the listed specs are reliable. Occasional glitches in labelling can cause a drastic reduction in the efficiency of a glazed surface.

Maximum Efficiency

Both glass and metal can be glazed in order to increase a building’s energy efficiency. If you’re considering how to add glazing to your construction or repair project, contact S. Albert Glass, at 301-825-9477 or send an email to your local experts in architectural glass. Don’t forget to plan for extra efficiency with metal glazing.

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