Benefits of Using Glass in Your Office

Date: January 5, 2018
Source: wpadmin

Buildings use approximately 40 percent of all energy in the United States. Diverse groups of utility companies, building owners and design professionals are working in conjunction with the federal government and allied industries, developing ways to increase the efficiency of new buildings. New products, using advanced technologies, can reduce energy use in older properties through energy retrofits.

Many commercial buildings can benefit from high-efficiency motors, lighting and boilers. However, inefficient windows may offset equipment gains if the occupants are uncomfortable. Glazing, or coatings, can help reduce costs without the expense of replacing the windows.

Low-E Coatings

Replacing drafty windows in commercial buildings can be expensive and inconvenient. However, glass can be a versatile building material when coupled with diverse glass technologies. Long-term savings can be achieved by installing energy efficient glazing solutions.

There are two common types of light other than visible. Infrared light is transmitted by the sun and radiates from warm objects. Ultraviolet light causes fabrics and wall coverings to fade. Low-E coatings are microscopically thin and designed to minimize the amount of this light that can pass through a window, without reducing the visible light.

Passive vs. Solar Coatings

During warm months, the solar Low-E coating can reflect infrared light from the outside reducing the amount of heat that enters a building. When the temperature cools, the passive Low-E coating can reflect interior heat back into a room. This maximizes heat gain and reduces leakage.

The interior and exterior surface of each pane can accept coatings in a standard double-paned window. The passive Low-E coatings are best utilized when placed on the internal pane, while the solar layer is more effective on each side of the exterior pane.

S. Albert Glass Co., Inc can install glass wall systems that can help reduce energy costs and offer a more spacious feel to your office space. Contact us today for more information on energy efficient windows and doors.

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