Navigating Emergency Commercial Glass Door Repair

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Are the glass doors in the facility or commercial property you manage living up to their full potential? A sleek, inviting entrance leaves a lasting impression on clients and tenants, complementing the building’s allure. At S. Albert Glass Co., we … Read More

Can Cracked Glass in a Window Be Repaired?

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There’s nothing worse than showing up to your property to discover you have cracked glass. Broken window glass leaves your business vulnerable, not just to the elements, but to a more significant potential of break-in and theft. It’s in your … Read More

What Are the Dangers of Not Repairing Broken Glass?

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There are many potential causes of broken glass, whether at a commercial business premises or on a vehicle. These include accidents, vandalism, natural disasters, damaged glass, and internal defects. For example, a child may accidentally hit a baseball through a … Read More

Keep Safe With Security Film

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There are over 2.5 million burglaries in the United States every year. While most of these are home invasions, a significant proportion target commercial properties. Commercial properties are targeted because they often have fewer people around at night, giving burglars more time … Read More

4 Signs Your Door Needs Tempered Glass Repair

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Tempered glass offers several benefits for doors in all kinds of commercial buildings, from manufacturing complexes to the DMV. It is safe—it doesn’t shatter if it breaks. It’s better insulated than regular glass, keeping the warmth or cold in (or out, … Read More

3 Reasons to Install Revolving Doors to Your Building

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Since their invention in 1888, revolving doors have been a staple entrance in commercial buildings. These doors have helped alleviate numerous problems connected with conventional doors. However, many business owners today do not know the benefits that come with installing … Read More

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